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Welcome to the Beginner's guide to the Carol Corps! Here you'll find useful advice on how and why to get into Captain Marvel

Jumping on PointsEdit

Good jumping on points for the Captain Marvel (2012) series include:

Good jumping on points for the Captain Marvel (2014) series include:

Good jumping on points for other series featuring Captain Marvel include:

Pre-Ordering ComicsEdit

Kelly Sue has written a comprehensive guide on why and how to preorder your comics at your local comic book store. The guide can be found Here

Finding A Comic Book StoreEdit

Your nearest comic book store can usually be found with a quick google search, or by visiting Most comic book stores are wonderful places, and purchasing books there helps foster a great community. If however, you find a comic book store does not treat you well, take your business elsewhere. If all else fails, comics can be ordered online (from ebay, or various comic stores online) or digitally from comixology. Collected trade paperbacks are readily available on Amazon.

Online CommunitiesEdit

There are a variety of communities the Carol Corps calls home. Amongst the most popular are the Carol Corps and Captain Marvel tags on Tumblr.

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