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Carol Danvers promotional art by Jamie McKelvie

Colonel Carol Susan Jane Danvers is the main character in the Captain Marvel series.

Carol debuted in the 1960's as an officer in the United States Air Force, and Security Chief of a restricted military base, where she met "Dr. Henry Lawson", the alias of Alien Kree hero Captain Marvel, whom she was protecting. An alien device exploded, and granted Colonel Danvers superpowers, as it was a wishing machine. A moment before the device exploded, Carol had wished she was strong enough to save everyone. Her wish was granted, and Ms. Marvel was born!

In 1977, Carol debuted as a superhero in Ms. Marvel #1, which led to her assisting the Defenders, The Avengers and having a series of appeareances in different series. The 1977 series of Ms. Marvel lasted for 23 issues, and upon its conclusion, Ms. Marvel joined the Avengers.

In 2012, Carol took the mantle of Captain Marvel, in a series written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, with a new unifrom designed by Jamie Mckelvie.

Carol's faced a lot of challenges and traumas: She was raised a father who didn't believe in her because of her gender; the death of her little brother; violation and a coma as a superhero; alcoholism; and recently, a brain tumor. But every time, Carol has overcome any obstacle in her life, rising up stronger every time.

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