This issue picks up after the events of House of M, and directly leads into Ms. Marvel (2006) no. 1.

The female fury fights back! Re-presenting Ms. Marvel's earliest adventures, this Giant-Size issue also includes an all-new, 16-page story written by Brian Reed (SPIDER-WOMAN: ORIGIN). It's your best bet to prepare for Ms. Marvel's new ongoing series from Reed and hot new penciler Roberto De La Torre, hitting stands next month! See how it all began: Exposed to the energies of the alien Psyche-Magnitron, a bold new super heroine is born in CAPTAIN MARVEL #18 (November 1969). Witness the woman warrior's untold secret origin, even as she fights alone against the Scorpion and the Destructor, in Ms. Marvel (1977) no. 1 & Ms. Marvel (1977) no. 2. And a new era of greatness begins as Ms. Marvel gets new costume, and faces the lethal lizards from below, in Ms. Marvel (1977) no. 20 (October 1978).


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